Media/Arts/Cultural Production

This concentration area is for those with backgrounds in film, photography, theater, broadcasting, the arts, or print journalism, and who want to orient themselves toward an international career in which they can use their French more regularly while pursuing these passions. (This is by far the most eclectic of PFMP concentration areas and draws especially strongly from the arts--although graduates from this concentration area are just as likely to find their way into international business or organizations outside the arts as into those areas of cultural production that orginally interested them. See student and alumni blurbs in L'ESSOR, the program newsletter, for samples of this infinite variety.) As well as taking courses in the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communications, media/arts/cultural production students also often take courses in the Departments of Art History, Communication Arts and in the School of Business.

See a sample course sequence for a student in media/arts/cultural production.