Intern Internationally

Every PFMP student does an individualized professional internship in the French-speaking world, in a business or organization whose work relates directly to the student's career goals. Significant international work experience and the opportunity to perfect French language skills—a critical combination for changing job markets.


The UW-Madison Master of French Studies is presently one of the only credentials signifying both advanced proficiency in French and applied work experience using it. This combination -- along with the aggressive and personalized networking program that characterizes the PFMP approach--is arguably the most effective point of entry to job markets requiring experience working in French.

Our internship coordinator works individually with each student, reviewing his or her dossier (skills, experience, interests and ongoing pursuits within the program), meeting personally with each student early in the year.

To read more about specific internship experiences, check out the archives of L'ESSOR, newsletter of the Professional French Masters Program. Back issues include both short blurbs about PFMP interns ("Current Students and Alumni") and letters from PFMP students while on their internships ("Lettre d'un/e stagiaire").