How Much does the PFMP Cost?

Academic Year 2019 – 2020 Tuition and Fees
Professional French Masters Program


IMPORTANT NOTE:  All PFMP students pay the same tuition and fees, regardless of state of residency.

TUITION:  800/credit
SEGREGATED FEES:  2010 total (4 semesters, approximate)
DOCUMENT (transcript) FEE:  65 (one time only)

(See below for typical semester breakdown)

CREDITS:  PFMP students complete all requirements for the master’s degree in 30 credits.

Semester one:  12 credits (courses)
Semester two:  12 credits (courses)
Semesters three and four:  6 credits (internship and presentation of portfolio)

Approximate typical tuition + fees investment for students beginning Fall 2019

Fall (12 credits)      9,600.00
Spring (12 credits)    9,600.00
Semesters 3+4          4,800.00
Document fee            65.00

TOTAL            ~ 24,065 plus segregated fees

There are no other charges for enrollment at the university. Remaining expenses typically include books, living expenses and incidentals.  Full-time academic students are automatically eligible for consideration to receive a PFMP internship travel scholarship in the form of a credit toward airline travel, and for selected private scholarships of roughly 1000 dollars each.  PFMP students typically work about ten hours a week outside of class. (NOTE:  International students must also pay a $100 international student administration fee every semester.)

For questions, contact PFMP Director Ritt Deitz (

(Updated August 6, 2019.)