Intern Internationally

Every PFMP student does a professional internship in the French-speaking world, in a business or organization whose work relates directly to the student’s career goals. International work experience in your field, and in French, gives you a powerful edge in changing job markets.

Students work with the PFMP Assistant Director throughout their coursework year, meeting twice monthly in one-on-one rendez-vous particuliers  and in guided alumni networking, to discuss research on target organizations and potential internships. The program guides students through all the work necessary to acquire the appropriate travel documents for the internship. The internship hunt matures along with ongoing student research and networking in the field, so, by the end of the year of coursework, students have an internship that is both professionally relevant and highly individualized.

To read more about specific internship experiences, check out the current issue and archives of L’ESSOR, newsletter of the Professional French Masters Program. Back issues include both short blurbs about PFMP interns (“Current Students and Alumni”), alumni profiles, and letters from PFMP students while on their internships.