Master's Degree Program

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Master of Professional French Studies (MFS) degree is an advanced course of interdisciplinary study. The MFS prepares and develops students' knowledge of cross-cultural research, analysis, and professional skills in French and one of six concentration areas. The UW-Madison Master of Professional French Studies was one of the first (and remains one of the only) graduate credentials to clearly signify both superior proficiency in French and applied work experience using it outside traditional academe--arguably the most effective point of entry to job markets requiring a high level of French.

Every MFS candidate completes graduate-level coursework in the Department of French and Italian, with individual research projects and specialized professional skills workshops, and a professional internship abroad, in a French-speaking organization whose work is directly related to the candidate`s concentration area. Upon return from their internship, students complete and present a professional portfolio, in French, integrating coursework and the practical experience obtained in the internship.

MFS concentration areas:

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