Study Tracks

PFMP students sitting on a bench in a Parisian parkUpon application, PFMP students choose one of three study tracks: the Full-Time Academic, the Summer Institute for Teachers or the Capstone Certificate of French Studies for Teachers.

Full-Time Academic

Students on this track live in or near Madison for two semesters, completing required classes and professional skills workshops full-time over a nine-month period.  After that , they complete their professional internship abroad in their concentration area, in a French-speaking country or region, then present their master’s project and graduate.  Most students finish in three semesters.

Summer Institute for Teachers

This track has a built-in schedule of twenty-five months and is designed for French teachers working at the K-12 level.  Teachers enrolled in the program study two consecutive summers in Madison, completing the remaining required degree coursework in distance formats during the intervening fall and spring semesters.  The third summer, teachers complete the program with an internship in a Francophone organization inside or outside education.

Capstone Certificate of French Studies for Teachers

This Certificate is designed for French teachers who may not want a full master’s degree but who would like to take courses required by the Professional French Masters Program, alongside professionals and other teachers doing master’s degrees.  Teachers enrolled in the Certificate program may take nine credits from among all PFMP course offerings, have full access to individual advising and the personalized internship, and may apply credits earned in the Certificate toward the master’s degree, should they choose to continue.