The TAPIF Scholarship

About the TAPIF Scholarship

The PFMP offers a competitive scholarship available only to program applicants currently participating, or having completed, the TAPIF Program (Teacher Assistant Program in France).

Every year, between one and five TAPIF participants accepted to the PFMP are named TAPIF Scholars.  They receive $4000 toward toward their studies in their first semester, then another $4000 in their third semester, as long as they are enrolled full-time and continue to meet program criteria for progress toward their master’s degree.

TAPIF participants apply to the PFMP every year, so it is important to note that not every TAPIF participant admitted to the PFMP will be offered a TAPIF Scholarship.  These go only to the very top applicants in that pool.  But anyone participating or having completed the TAPIF program will be automatically considered for the TAPIF Scholarship, and may also completely waive the application fee normally paid to the UW-Madison Graduate School.

Applying to the PFMP as a TAPIF Participant

1.  Email Mandi Schoville, Assistant Director of the PFMP, and let her know that you intend to apply to the PFMP as a TAPIF participant, and that you would like an application fee waiver.  Specify the term (semester) for which you intend to apply.  This is important, since your waiver will only be good for application to that particular term.

2.  After you receive your waiver code, you will complete the normal application process.

All applicants having followed these steps will be considered automatically for a TAPIF Scholarship, which is granted based on the relative excellence of the full application to the PFMP.