How Does the PFMP Get You Career-Ready?

  • The Internship
    Student InterningThe PFMP is the first of its kind to require and arrange summer internships in French-speaking countries, as a degree requirement. The internship, which takes place in a business or organization in the student’s concentration area, may last between two and twelve months, depending on the student’s profile and availability.
  • Student-Centered Flexibility
    PFMP students have a great deal of creative control over their individual research and professional development learning. Each student has regular individual advising by program faculty and staff, in addition to access to mentoring from alumni on the PFMP External Advisory Board.
  • Study Tracks
    The PFMP’s core program, the Full-Time Academic Track, is an intensive course of study allowing students to complete all pre-internship required coursework in two semesters. There is also a Summer Institute Track, designed for teachers and working professionals.
  • Professional Skills Workshops
    Students work in small groups with expert professionals, to acquire valuable professional skills useful for internships and the job market in their concentrationa areas.
  • Language Proficiency 
    All students graduating from the PFMP meet stringent oral and written proficiency requirements.
  • National and International Contacts
    The PFMP has working relationships with groups as diverse as KINO Montréal, Paramount Home Entertainment France, Promega Corporation, InterWorks Madison, Omnivore (Paris), the Ministère des relations internationales du Québec, Azur Développement (Brazzaville, République du Congo); the African Model Forests Network (Yaoundé, Cameroon), ESCP Europe,  Nouvelle Cour (La Courneuve), Fondation Schuman (Paris), Vigeo (Paris), the Centre International de Langue Française d’Annecy, and the Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace, among others.
  • All Students Pay the Same Tuition
    PFMP program fees replaces University of Wisconsin graduate tuition and are the same for every student, regardless of Wisconsin residency status.